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Consultancy in ships economics / Fao - United Nations / IDB / UNAM / BCIE.

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About me

I am Rene Pallalever Pérez, the youngest son of Luis Pallalever M. and Ruth Pérez P., from a very young age the passion for ships was born in my age to see my father as the Designs and as a result they led him to travel the world.
I started my preparation studying Fisheries Engineering by performing my Thesis in Ship Economy Engineering, in addition during this period I began publishing in the Journal Chile Pesquero.   Years later I studied Industrial Civil Engineering performing my thesis on Applied Bioeconomic Models Fishing Fleets and a couple of years later I completed a Master in Engineering Sciences, it should be noted that during all this time I continued to publish studies in Economic Engineering Ships, Environment, Economy Natural Resources, etc. in Chile and Peru.
After 20 years of studying and publishing and seeking my goal, I applied to Fao - United Nations, where I was offered to participate in the World Fisheries Vessel Fleet Study, meanwhile I was hired by the Governments of Italy and India to conduct the Chilean Study of Economic Ship Engineering, once this study was completed I was asked for support for the study of Peru.   The result of this work was published worldwide in August of this year.
After 20 years this work gave me the backing so that I can develop as International Advisor in Ship Economy.  What is already one of the fruits is to have been contacted by the private company Ecofish Research Ltd. in which the study of Economy Ships and future transfer of Technology and Fisheries Innovations was carried out.

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Economic Ship Engineering Study

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Implementation Planning

Vessel Fleet Optimization

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Climate Change Studies

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Commercial Vessel Assessment, Assets of a Maritima Company and Ocean Resources

Do you have a project or idea that I would like to make a reality? I have offered a wide variety of consulting services to my clients since I founded my business. Contact me to find out more.


Socio-economic studies for overcoming poverty in the rest of the world, fishing communities

Improving the quality of life of fishing communities, through linear and dynamic models, that assess the behavior of a Systems Engineering point of view

Barco de pesca

Studies related to aquatic ecosystems and fishing communities

Studies related to the management of common property resources, collective action and rural organizations. Issues
with special reference to aquatic ecosystems and fishing communities.

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What people say

Estimado Rene,

Muchas gracias para su trabajo importante. Creo que la publicación va a ser muy útil para mucha gente.

Estamos pensando en hacer un estudio similar entre barcos pesqueros de pequeña escala (hasta 12 metros) en 2021.

Hay muchos de esos en Chile?

Saludos desde Roma

Raymon van Anrooy

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